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Create, manage and post your listing[s] in one place, and we'll do the rest.

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Locator Firms and Destination Planners

Work with us to build the worlds best locator service from Home Rentals to Apartments all the way to planning one's Destination Vacation.

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Unlike syndication sites, we never charge for lead generations.
Syndication means, while you pay site (a) for listing your property, site (b, the scraper site) then scrapes site (a) of your content and then charges you to gain access for leads... go figure, paying twice.

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Immediate Screening

The fastest most effective screening tool in the marketplace.
Request a report via email or directly through iManage portal.

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Cloud based Documentation

Cloud based digital forms.
From start to finish throughout application and screening process get complete digital documents online.

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Direct Payment

Applicants are expensed the cost of application and screening fees online with their credit card.
Set your own application fee that will be paid directly to you.

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Mobile Post

Web-based access whenever and wherever.
Post your listing directly from your mobile device, tablet or Pc...

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Secure Network

Cloud security at myRentHouse is the highest priority.
As a customer, you will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP ZERO CHARGE on all referrals. EXCLUSIVE LISTING within our "AGENCY SEARCH" sample listing EXCLUSIVE REAL ESTATE FIRM Listing page (Contact, Description, History, Social Media Links, Community Listing Details) Sample Listing EXCLUSIVE MAPVIEW OF LISTINGS of ONLY your agents listings. No competitors within your exclusive pages, mapping. Sample Map Listing EXCLUSIVE LISTING DIRECTORY of ONLY your agents listings. No competitors within your exclusive pages and/or mapping.